My name is Alex Lee, and this is my portfolio.

Born in California, I grew up in the suburbs of New York City before traveling to Boston to study at Harvard University. After graduating cum laude, I moved back to the city of my childhood to pursue a career in publishing and journalism.

As a freelancer, the bulk of my writing has focused on the world of esports; I have covered almost every major esport through both features and news reports. Outside of esports, I’ve also written my fair share of current affairs op-eds, pop culture thinkpieces, and restaurant reviews. You name it, I can write it.

Alongside my freelance writing, I’ve worked full-time in the media editorial department of W.W. Norton & Company since moving to New York. After almost two years working on digital media ancillaries to support Norton’s world-famous literary anthologies, I am currently the associate media editor in the history department.

I am also an occasional illustrator. My senior thesis, The First Book of Enu, was Harvard’s first-ever graphic novel undergraduate thesis.

Most importantly, I am a decently accomplished competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee player. Check out my combo video here.

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