Literary valentines

In February 2019, I drew a “literary valentine” for the Norton Literature website.

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The Second Book of Enu

In 2016, I successfully petitioned the Harvard English Department to permit me to create a graphic novel as my senior thesis. Traditionally, senior English concentrators pursuing creative theses are given the option of choosing from a selection of narrative forms, including plays, screenplays, novels, chapbooks, and longform narrative nonfiction. I was shocked by the omission of comics from this list. Bolstered by the mentorship of my advisor, Mark Poirier, I wrote, drew, and self-published a 75-page graphic novel (which Harvard students can check out from the library if so inclined). 

Linoleum prints

In 2015, I created a series of linocut prints that were displayed at Harvard's Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts.

The Most Boring Street Corner in the World

In high school, I wrote and drew an extremely lazy comic strip for my school's newspaper. Inspired by David Lynch's strip, The Angriest Dog in the Worldthis crudely thought-out comic primarily served as a vehicle for the strange in-jokes I shared with my friends. Though its artistic merit is questionable at best, it's certainly an interesting artifact. Click on the image to cycle through different strips!