Harvard, Asian Americans, and me

In October 2019, I wrote an op-ed for the New York Daily News meditating on the outcome of the lawsuit between Harvard University and Students for Fair Admissions.


Talking video games with G Fuel

Beginning in August 2019, I started to occasionally write mainstream games content for G Fuel. In my G Fuel pieces, I’ve waxed nostalgic about Pokémon, attempted to make sense of the Legend of Zelda chronology, and ranked all of the Zelda titles from worst to best.


Dumplings at The Bund

In May 2019, I wrote a review of The Bund on Broadway for Give Me Astoria.


Queens does addresses right

In February 2019, I wrote an op-ed for What Should We Do about the strengths of Queens’ unique address system—and its advantages over the flawed system used across the East River in Manhattan.


The One Game to Rule Them All

In January 2019, I wrote about the history of New York City’s Chinatown Fair arcade—and its most fascinating game, the SOUND VOLTEX—for What Should We Do.


Asians at Harvard, and in America

In October 2018, I wrote an op-ed for the New York Daily News opposing the lawsuit leveled against Harvard University by Students for Fair Admissions, an organization suing the university for discriminating against Asian Americans in its admissions process.