MAJOR: The Smash Tournament Zine

I wrote a GENESIS-themed humor piece for MAJOR, a zine distributed for free at the event. The full zine can be found here.


Bad Melee

In November 2017, I wrote a Super Smash-themed humor piece for Bad Melee, a humor blog popular within the Smash community. The piece quickly reached the top of both r/smashbros and r/ssbm and was very well-received by the community, with the exception of a few individuals who didn't realize it was satire.

hare today banner.jpg

Hare Today

Between 2014 and 2016, I regularly wrote short pieces for my residential house's weekly newsletter. The content of these pieces included satirical news lampooning Harvard's academic pressures , house culture, rival houses, and politics, among many other things. Although I primarily focused on satirical news while at Hare Today, I also wrote the occasional film review.